Natural ventilation's system
Sport Resort has special architectural features that allow to have a natural ventilation indoor that exploits the phenomenon "stack effect". This function working only for special conditions indoor and outdoor climate and it is for this reason that the system is automated and managed by a supervision system. It, during times when it is required to cool the building, operates by opening windows positioned on the outside of the perimeter and in strategic areas. At the top of the square, located in a central position of the building and connecting the ground floor with the first floor, there are special shed controlled opening. The simultaneous opening of the vasistas and sheds allows the stratification of the air that has made due to the interior loads, creating a delta pressure that induces a flow of air, outgoing and incoming upwards from below, allowing a natural ventilation for the entry of cooler air.

Water consumption's optimization
Drinking water in the center (with the exception of the kitchen) it is drawn from groundwater placed to 100m below the ground level. The water, constantly picked, is stored in a 150 mc tank and sent to the user after being filtered and treated for potability. The large surface of roof instead, allows to accumulate water in a second 190mc tank of usable capacity. The stored water has the purpose to supply the irrigation system of the park outdoor in summer and to be used for the backwashing of the filters of the pool during the winter season.

Heat recovery's systems
The pool and thermarium's UTA have internal heat pumps that through specific heat exchangers recover the excess energy, selling it to the water tanks. A specific heat pump, however, uses the necessary change of pools water, required by law, pre-heating the water clean of reinstatement. Finally, it was set up the system that recovers the heat derived from the water discharges of showers. The results are guaranteed wellness hygienic and maximum reduction of energy consumption.

Photovoltaic park
On the roof there is a photovoltaic park that provides the building. It consists of 575 latest generation panels, high efficiency, perfectly oriented to south; the capture surface is about 900 m2 for a peak power of 137 kW and an annual production estimated at 150,000 kWh per year.